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Company Overview

The HAUG Group is one of the leading international suppliers of technology and services for the industrial production of eyeglass frames. Since 1970 HAUG has been forming partnerships with highly specialized enterprises, ensuring a continuous development of high-quality, market-oriented solutions.

Our Strengths

Our product range covers the entire scope of essential technologies for the manufacturing of metal and plastic frames. By carefully selecting and testing only the best in class technologies, we provide process reliability, absolute dependability and sustainability.


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Thanks to our extensive network, our qualified staff is able to support you in implementing those products by offering in-house and on-site training in multiple languages.


Our consulting services - based on experience gained over many decades - range from the planning of complete manufacturing systems to the modernization of existing plants and the search for solutions to individual problems in process flows.

Global Presence

Headquartered in Pforzheim, Germany, HAUG operates on a global scale. Sales and service locations in Italy, Hong Kong, China and South-Korea allow for close customer interaction.

Our Representations



HAUG has been originally founded as a distributor for spectacle frames. In 1970, a strategic change marks the start of HAUG’s focus on specialised machinery for the production of eyeglass frames. Many of the relationships with our manufacturing partners have been in place for over three decades, underlining the significance of our investment into this market.


HAUG is present exclusively in the spectacle frames market – no dilution of business in other sectors is allowed to compromise our commitment. Consequently, we have made it our ambition to supply products of the highest possible quality only.


Unlike individual machine suppliers, we follow a holistic approach: we act as an independent and reliable interface between the customer and any of our technology suppliers – we aim at developing long-lasting partnerships, which is reflected in recurring customers being responsible for the majority of our transactions.


HAUG has been involved in the eyewear manufacturing market for over half a century and has established a network of technology suppliers, industry experts and consultants. This is put to use in our continuous research for new technologies, which are best suited to modern eyewear frame manufacturing.


By partnering with HAUG, you can benefit from having a single point of contact. Instead of having to transact with countless individual machine and service suppliers, customers enjoy the benefits of having HAUG as a single, reliable interface for its partners, all of them amongst the best in their respective fields. Our selection reflects our high quality, safety and environmental standards.


Newcomers to the eyewear manufacturing market might find it very challenging to enter such a contained market. By partnering with HAUG, interested parties can get acquainted with products, processes and key industry experts right away.