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3-D bending in its finest. Eyerim winding and base curving are executed simultaneously. Therefore, a complete working phase can be avoided. And – no more headaches with cost and lead time for base curving dies - an essential advantage especially when manufacturing halfeye and when designing new eye shapes. Immediate availability of samples. Almost 25 years of experience with approx. 1000 CNC machines sold worldwide are a sound background for this outstanding evolution. The S-504 is capable of handling the majority of eyerim-profiles used in metal frame manufacture - including sophisticated materials such as titanium, stainless steel and nickel-free alloys.

Schüssler S-514 - Automatic 3-D CNC Rim-Forming

3D-Eyerim bending machine in the 4. Generation.
The requirements of modern production (Industry 4.0) persuaded us to the further improvement of the most reliable S-504. 
CNC technology at its best!

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