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Schüssler S-514 Technical Data

4th generation of our 3D Eyerim Bending Machines.

The requirements of modern, industrialized, production methods (Industry 4.0) persuaded us to the further improvement of the already very successful S-504. 
Toolings are identical to those of S-504 and interchangeable.

The S-514 is capable of handling the majority of eyerim-profiles used in metal frame manufacture - including sophisticated materials such as titanium, stainless steel and nickel-free alloys. Remark: titanium and stainless steel wires require lubrication. Please consult your wire supplier.

This new machine again is featuring 4 bending- and 3 handling axes:

  • Wire feeding, Bending, Base curving and movement of the bending axis permit to produce the 3D-eyerim simultaneously as already well known from S-504.
  • The hydraulic axis with cutting device, as well as the axis for positioning of the cutting knives and motorizing of the wire coil are identical to those of the S-504.

New, additional features are:

  • an integrated safety function: “Safe Torque Off” of the drives respectively “Safely-Limited Speed”-function in the adjustment mode.
  • Referencing not necessary anymore thanks to function EnDat 2.2 ROD
  • Bus-System EtherCAT
  • Windows control system with RTOS-Kernel for IEC-61131 programming and EtherCAT-Master
  • All commands are entered via graphic touchscreen and LAN connection
  • Possibility of remote connection to technical assistance in Germany (Industry 4.0 Optional!)
  • Conversion software to convert Nidek® Tracer data in readable format, optional.
  • Access of model data on a shared directory available as an option (BS-1-514-615)
  • 2 x USB Port
  • 1 x LAN drop
Production rate: Approx. 750 to 1350 pcs./hour (depending on eye-shape)
Max. dimensions of eyerim-profile: width: 2.5 mm
height: 2.5 mm (4 mm for flat eyerim)
or 6.0 mm2
Bases: 0-9, depending on profile wire and eye shape,
cylindrical curve also possible
Power supply: 230 V singlephase 50/60 Hz
( + / - 10%)
Power consumption: approx. 3.5 KW (16 A)
Noise level: less than 70 dB

Data connections:


2 x USB, 1 x LAN drop, Network (optional)

Dimensions: width: 1890 mm (with coil driver)
depth:   720 mm
height: 1585 mm (with display)
Net weight: 355 kg
Space requirement: approx. 3 m2

An outstanding advantage of this machine is the possibility of eyeshape correction in segments. The lens former shape copied on the machine can be divided into several segments and corrected (as well in the 2D-shape as in the base curve) until the bent eyeshape fits to the quality demands. Especially helpful for unfriendly eyeshapes with critical areas and sophisticated wire profiles.

An interesting new feature:

Thanks to a new software, the fully-automatic CNC 3D-Eyerim forming machine Schüssler S-514 is able to bend cylindrical curves as well. Gauges for cylindrical eye-rims Base 6 (radius 87.17) or Base 7,5 (radius 69,3) are available.

All data subject to change!

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