Schüssler S-614 Technical Data

Fully-automatic CNC Milling Machine

for plastic lenses.
Particularly designed for the industrialized shape cutting and
bevelling of plastic lenses (demonstration lenses, sunglass
lenses etc. - also decentered, compensated and cylindrical)


Lens blank diameter: max. Ø 80 mm or 80 x 90 mm
Lens blank thickness: 0,5 to 3,0 mm
Minimum size of finished lens: 20 mm
Possible base curves: from 0 to 10, however depending on shape and profile of finished lens.

Direct data import (DXF, F, C, G) via USB or network

The machine comes with total 2 x USB and 1 x LAN – connection. Industry 4.0
Easy programming of the left respective right lens shape
An alternating processing of left and right lenses is possible
All commands are entered via graphic touchscreen and LAN connection
Possibility of remote connection for maintenance purposes
Bus-system EtherCAT
All common materials of plastic lenses up to a width of 3mm are possible to process.
The finished lens profile corresponds exactly to the lens bevel as edged by the optician
Acoustic alarms can be activated.
Integrated safety function "Safe Torque Off" for the drives
Connection Ø100 mm for external chip extraction system
Working area and finished lenses are electrostatically discharged
Machine does not permit wet processing!
Cutters can be returned for re-sharpening

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there is an increasing demand calling for processing of Base 0-4 on our S-611/S-614 Lens Cutting Machine. As a result, special supports with diam. 22mm and 27mm have been designed. They are shorter than the standard ones, thus permitting the magazine to move closer to the revolving plate. We recommend concave clamping pads base 4 for the revolving plate and convex pads base 1 for the motor side. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or a quote.
For coated lenses we recommend to use special clamping pads which are available in different bases