CEIA Inductor Holders with NEW Insulators

Permanent product enhancement characterizes CEIA development:
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New CEIA soldering station System 900

All the advantages of a temperature control system along with the well-known strengths of CEIA’s solid state generators are now united in one device.
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Industry 4.0 - update

According to the requirements of modern eyewear manufacturing, F.W. HAUG’s portfolio includes a large variety of Industry 4.0-ready, networkable machines.
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Succession at F.W. HAUG

We are pleased to inform you about a new generation at F.W. HAUG GmbH & Co. KG, of which 100 % have been taken over by Mr. Julius Pfeifle, as of January 4th, 2021. He now assumes the position as CEO.
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Season's Greetings 2020

Dear customers, partners and friends,

we all recognise, how difficult these times are for everyone in the world. Every aspect of peoples’ lives has been affected: amongst many are adaptation to new work environments, social distancing caused by government-imposed contact restrictions, and ultimately the uncertainty over the pandemic’s outcome.

However, these times have also borne the fruits of new opportunities – whether it is a reminder of the recognition for health and family, or the rebirth of home-improvement skills - all of us can face…

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Our high-speed dry barreling machine for metal frames TETRAD has recently undergone a re-design, resulting in more compact dimensions and an improved drive of the barrels.
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The IXC Data Logger, which is an option for our Advanced Master Controllers (V3+), equips CEIA induction soldering stations with data collection capabilities.
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This newly developed High-Energy System is capable of grinding and polishing very small and thin metal components, such as decoration parts or pins.
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HMP products now available at HAUG

Following the acquisition of HMP (Heinrich Müller Maschinenfabrik Pforzheim) by FELSS Group, the companies’ service departments have been merged.

Thanks to F.W. HAUG’s historic involvement with FELSS Group, we are delighted to announce that from now on, we are able to supply HMP products and services in the optical market, as well.

Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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Hong Kong Optical Fair 2019

We would like to thank all of our visitors during this year’s Hong Kong Optical Fair. For those, who will not be attending MIDO 2020, we shall see you next year in Hong Kong.
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Power Cube 45

Just finishing the production of a large serial of PowerCube Generators 45, which are very suitable when heating rather solid frame components and/or particular metals. Power, and consequently the heat-up time at inductor is substantially faster compared with the standard generator 32. Thanks to the large quantity being produced, we can offer the PCube 45 at a very competitive price. And , same as PCube 32, they can be connected to MasterControllers, version V3+ with temperature sensors and software for solder wire feeders. No question;…
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