Season's Greetings 2020

Dear customers, partners and friends,

we all recognise, how difficult these times are for everyone in the world. Every aspect of peoples’ lives has been affected: amongst many are adaptation to new work environments, social distancing caused by government-imposed contact restrictions, and ultimately the uncertainty over the pandemic’s outcome.

However, these times have also borne the fruits of new opportunities – whether it is a reminder of the recognition for health and family, or the rebirth of home-improvement skills - all of us can face 2021 with the help of our own, very personal development.

These upcoming months will decide on the prospects of 2021. So far, all that remains is the firm belief in strong political leadership, scientific research, and the tireless support of our emergency services. To show our gratitude, HAUG continues to support the latter with Christmas donations on all our partners’ behalf.

With regards to our economic outlook, we are determined not only to survive this temporary impediment, but to thrive and return stronger than ever. The ability to focus our network, resources and attention solely on the Eyewear markets, fueled by your respected continuous patronage, will help us achieve this goal.

We wish you, your families, and colleagues a safe and healthy turn of the year.

HAUG would like to thank you for your patronage

Karl-Heinz Pfeifle & Julius Pfeifle