High-precision tooling for Schüssler eye rim bending machines

The best bending results can only be achieved with our tools for the S-5XX series machines.

Our S-5XX series machines produce eye rims of the highest quality.

All common profile materials (monel, alpacca, stainless steel, titanium, precious metals, etc.) can be processed without any loss of material, which is particularly advantageous for so-called half rims.

For precise and repeatable results, we always recommend the use of suitable tooling from us - only complete equipment adapted to the profile cross-section, consisting of wire guide, base curving rollers (for 3D processing), cutting knives, bending pins, if necessary, and optional transport, pressure or other rollers, guarantee the highest quality.

Particularly delicate wires and those with applied decorations require a high degree of expertise and maximum precision when designing and manufacturing the tooling.

To ensure the highest possible repeatability of the bending result, cutting knives and, if necessary, various rollers must be replaced at regular intervals, also preventively, depending on their condition, as worn-out components can cause damage to the wire and therefore perfect results can no longer be guaranteed.

We recommend that our customers use profile wires from reputable suppliers, as excessive dimensional and hardness tolerances in the wires have a direct effect on the bending result.

In recent times, the demands of current fashion have sometimes required very heavy wires with larger cross-sections than usual. These require special tools, machine settings and a new specially designed drive update for the machine wire feed, which is only available for new machines in the S-514 series and must be installed ex works.

Your F.W. Haug sales reps will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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