New CEIA soldering station System 900

All the advantages of a temperature control system along with the well-known strengths of CEIA’s solid state generators are now united in one device.

 Thanks to a continuous effort in the research for innovation, the application of new technologies and the use of latest generation electronic components, we present to you a new line of high frequency generators, Power Cube System 900. They were developed by CEIA as a response to the specific requirements and demands of the eyewear industry, among others.

The new System 900 generators, for the moment available in the 3.5 kW power version (comparable output as Power Cube 45), maintain all the characteristics of high efficiency and compactness typical of CEIA high frequency generators, and in addition integrate the temperature control system and a high-resolution graphic TFT display for easy programming of all generator working parameters.

Thanks to the integrated controller into the power generator, it is possible to choose between three different operating modes, to connect and manage up to two CEIA pyrometers directly to the generator and to have an accurate and linear control of the output power and temperature. Up to two antioxidizing gas dispensers can also be connected via an external power supply.

The System 900 generator is also equipped with a wide selection of analog and digital I/O and a fieldbus interface (optional) for easy integration into automatic production systems, essential in all production processes where the smallest overall dimensions are required. Moreover, it features a repeatable and certified control of the generator output power and a closed-loop temperature control system. In terms of functions, the System 900 can be compared equal to a soldering station Power Cube 32 + Master Controller Basic.

With this new evolution, CEIA induction generators are confirmed as the most compact of all solid-state generators available on the market and are compliant with all regulations on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility, thus providing full operator protection, as well.