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The requirements of modern eyewear manufacturing reach far beyond traditional production processes. Nowadays, efficiency and quality are constantly improved through the application of scientific methods at all production levels. Developments in internet speeds and bandwidth enable the centralised collection and analysis of production-relevant data.

Certain Haug machines have the necessary hardware on-board when they leave the factory. Paired with the ContrALL software package, this forms a solution, able to offer more efficient and flexible insights into the production process. 
Upon request even external brands and outdated machines can be retro-fitted with such hardware, and as such can form the basis of a data-driven, intelligent environment.

+   Which tasks are managed by ContrALL? 
     - Digitalisation of production data
     - Automatic and localised identification 
     - Automatic recovery and verification of such data
     - Reliable process monitoring
     - Presentation in visual graphs and charts

+   Which benefits come with data collection?

     - Efficient and flexible insight into the production process
     - Real-time availability of all parametric data
     - Traceability
     - Less risk of machine downtime 
     - Reduction of machine maintenance cost
     - Interconnectivity of different systems in an organisation

+   How does ContrALL work?
       ContrALL consists of three related elements:

     - ContrALLer: 
       Onboard hardware.
       Equipped with 5 digital and 16 analog independent inputs, 
       relay-ports and LAN ports for a selectable sensor analysis.

     - ContrALL Panel:        
       These software and monitoring systems are HTML-based and can be 
       configured according to both the requirements of its user and 
       the specification of its application.
       Each and any device under the same network can be connected 
       to ContrALL via its browser.

     - Server:
       On-premise at the manufacturer’s site.
       ContrALL requires a wired LAN connection for access to ist server.

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