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Rösler - High Energy System Type HBFE 02.1-4 Micro-Gap®

Advantages for spectacle frames and components:

  • very small, light, thin and adhesive workpieces (e.g. decorative  parts, bridges, lugs and hinges)
  • fragile and highly deformable components (e.g. top bars, temples, endpieces)
  • parts with structured surfaces
  • punched, bent, laser-cut, as well as 3D and MIM components

Modular technology:

The HBFE 02 system is available with a choice of 1-4 processing bowls, each configured for either wet or dry finishing. 

  • Modern and compact machine design:
  • main frame manufactured in powder-coated steel
  • processing bowl with integrated water level control
  • dosing unit incl. pump for fresh water or recycled water circuit operation
  • Water and compound are fed into the processing bowl from below the spinning plate through the Micro-Gap®
  • Micro-Gap®, featuring a permanent gap of 0,03mm, is composed of a polyurethane spinning plate and its polyurethane chamber wall counterpart (alternatively available with stainless steel reinforced spinning plate)
  • Micro-Gap® is available for models HBFE 06 & HBFE 15, too



HBFE 02.3 Micro-Gap®

Tiefe / Depth

880 mm

Länge / Length

1780 mm

Höhe  / Height

Eingabehöhe / loading height


1070 mm

Höhe  /  Height

Gesamthöhe des Schaltschrankes / total height of control unit


2115 mm

Höhe Siebtrichter  /  Height separating station

688 mm

Gewicht inkl. Schaltschrank / Weight incl. control unit

690 kg / kgs

Motor – Drehteller  /  Motor – Spinning plate

 je 0,55 KW/h / Anlage

0,55 KW/h each / machine

Nutzvolumen je Behälter  /  Effective volume each bowl

Gesamtvolumen je Behälter / total volume each bowl

ca. 3 x 8 Liter / ltrs


3 x 12 Liter / ltrs

Maße Separierung / Separation screen dimensions

245 x 360 mm

Behälterdurchmesser / Bowl diameter

321 mm

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