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Hydrodynamic Seperator

This machine has been designed to save time normally required to separate tumbled pieces from abrasive elements of any type, shape and size.

Separation automatically is done within 3 minutes.

  • Abrasives are conveyed to an appropriate container.
  • All tumbled pieces are collected in a special extractable basket.

The machine eliminates the time normally spent to manually separate such pieces and can be used for ceramics and objects of any shape.


The machine is essentially made up of a frame-structure, to which the following elements are associated:

  • A separation chamber positioned between an inlet collector and an outlet collector for treatment liquid.
  • An input hopper communicating with the separation chamber for distribution of the elements to be treated.
  • A pump to convey water to the separation chamber.
  • A filtering bin to hold back abrasive elements suspended in the treatment liquid.
  • A filtering bin to hold back separated elements.

Technical Data:

Power supply: 230 V 50/60 cycles
Cycle time: 3 min.
Machine width: 1500 mm
Machine height: 1700 mm
Machine depth: 600 mm
Weight net: 150 kg

"CE"-regulations are met