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TETRAD High-Speed Barreling Machine

Some details of the system

High-speed barreling machine for dry tumbling of metal frames.

This machine consists of 4 barrels using centrifugal force to grind and polish all kinds of metal frames.

A mix of pastes and abrasives provides excellent surface quality.

Thanks to carefully tested drive-mechanisms, this machine can reduce processing times by 50% when compared to traditional barreling systems.

Frames are fixed to metal supports (2 racks per barrel), which can be customized to customers’ needs.

Maximum flexibility, as 2 barrels can be used for grinding and 2 for polishing simultaneously.

Industry 4.0 ready thanks to ContrAll Technology:
The machine can be connected via the internet and allows remote access to its parameters (status, temperature, current energy consumption etc.). Data analysis can further enhance process consistency and efficiency.

The HAUG package consists of machine, racks/supports as well as pastes & abrasives.

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1.540 mm


1.740 mm


1.800 mm

Weight (empty)

1.000 kg

Weight (full)

1.120 kg

Load capacity per barrel

30 kg

Load capacity total

Ca. 400 fronts

Noise emission

< 64 dB


400 V AC 50Hz

Installed power

5 Kw

Control voltage

24 V DC

Maximum current consumption

12 A

Rotation speed (adjustable)

 up to 60 rpm

CE - Conformity        YES

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