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Rösler - High Energy System Type HBFE 06 SA

Some details of the system

The High Energy System HBFE 06 SA features a resistive, PU-coated processing bowl with a loading [charge] volume of approx. 35 liter (total volume approx. 65 liter). The spinning plate has been designed for an absolutely vibration-free run and is continuously adjustable.

The problematic range of a common High Energy System is the area of the gap. In the HBFE 06 SA this area is especially protected. The system is equipped with a "Start- and Stop function" that controls the distance of the gap before each machine start and guarantees a permanent checking of the temperature by means of a sensor.

The control unit is placed in a switch box which can either be mounted to the wall or onto an optionally available stand. All functions, such as Start/Stop, settings of the processing times, speed control, motor-driven movements of the processing bowl, separation, speed control for the separation, rinse function and control of the dosing device are centrally controlled by the switch box by means of PLC. Display and operation control via color touch panel.

The electronically-controlled dosing device is designed for use of recycled- as well as for fresh water. Water and compound are exactly dosed according to the adjustments. In case of failure of the water- and/or compound supply, a special flow detector releases an alarm and automatically interrupts the treatment process. The built-in, automatic level control of the water in the processing bowl allows a variety of different intensities of treatments. A higher water level provides a smoother treatment which for example would be required for punched-in surface designs.

The flange-mounted separation device with integrated chip return system offers a quick separation of the finished parts from the polishing material. The polishing material drops into a buffer tank located beneath the separation sieve. The finished parts are separated in front of the system. After emptying of the tank, the polishing material will be brought back to the bowl by means of the return system. The complete technology was developed by a close cooperation between the companies Haug and Rösler as well as with a considerable support of a reputed manufacturer of spectacle frames.