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Pre-Owned and demonstration machinery

At present no further pre-owned machines are available.
Please contact us in case of any special requirements.
All pre-owned machines are subject to prior sale.


Demonstration machine   Year of construction 2016

HF-Generator for Bonding of Acetate Components

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Rösler HBFE 35 SA

Demonstration machine    Year of construction 2017

Rösler - High Energy System Type HBFE 35 SA

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Schüssler S-635

Demonstration machine


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CEIA Power Cube 32

Demonstration machine

HF generator Power Cube 32 with 2 heating heads and

high precision adjustable supports ES-35

Master ControllerV3+ basic with 2 optical pyrometers and stand SH-23

Without Workbench und without Overhead Structure

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Schüssler S-562

Demonstration machine

Programming station with lens-former tracing device and industrial type PC

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Schüssler S-875

Demonstration machine   Year of construction 2017

Electronic screwdriver with handpiece S-880