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Hydraulic presses Locatelli

Compact Oilhydraulic Precision Presses in various sizes for highly accurate cutting and coining work with optimum mould and die care. Excellent craftmanship combines with the latest CNC-control, permitting multiple pressings onto a very same workpiece with different powers, which is an extreme advantage especially when coining titanium components.

Hydraulic presses Locatelli

Four columns structure presses, designed with finite elements method, highly dimensioned and with high rigidity; the automatically lubricated mobile table and a perfect parallelism between the two tables give a high degree of precision during the pressing.

Stroke adjustment in 0.01mm steps for real fine tuning of workpiece thickness. Memory for over 250 programs. For easy maintenance, hydraulic pumps and filters are located off the oil tank. Built-in cooling systems for perfect operation in almost any environment. Maximum safety level.