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Hydraulic presses Locatelli

Mass production of typical metal components, such as temples, wire cores, bridges and many more are possible on these high performance hydraulic presses.

Hydraulic presses Locatelli are divided into two series:

A Series:

These presses are small-medium size, with 2 columns (T.15 2C), 4 columns (T.35 4C, T.75 4C) and a welded iron structure (T.150 NKT), where the number means the power of the machine. These presses are very simple to operate and it is possible to adjust the upper dead point (U.D.P.), the brake and the lower dead point (L.D.P.) through a special control system CNC (numeric control - except T.15 2C), for programming the work levels of the movable plane and for causing the intervention of the hydraulic brake to reduce the down-speed. It is also used to set the U.D.P., the brake and the L.D.P.
You can use the CNC to read the counter pieces, to calculate the inertias, to store programs and to increase or to decrease 0.01 millimetre just by pushing the appropriate pushbuttons.

C Series:

These presses are medium-big size, with four-column structure (T.125 4C, T.200 4C, T.300 4C, T.400 4C, T.600 4C), and are equipped with a sophisticated CNC which can search the breakdowns and check all the press operations. Moreover it can work with three different pressings and timers at one time, and memorises thousands of working programs.

The movable plane sliding on the four-columns with automatic lubrication guarantees a very high degree of precision. In fact Locatelli guarantees only 0.002 mm. of stretch per ton: this gives clearer edges on all kinds of precision items such as temples, endpieces, bridges and so on.

The structure is very important to assure strength and rigidity.
A pressure switch determines the stop and the going up again of the movable plane, after a preselected stop at the max point of the pressure previously determined. Such a stop can be programmed also when the stop of the movable plane is determined by the numeric control or by the cams set at a preselected level.

Further features include:

  • a lower and upper ejector unit, with adjustable ejection power and speed; Magnetic encoder, for contactless ram position control measuring system
  • very low noise equipment, <70 dB (A)
  • Ergonomic design with a seating position and wide legroom
  • Easy accessibility to all the parts of the machine, even with automation feeding system installed
  • Multiple pressing and Dwell Time in closed mould for a full control of metal’s flowing inside the mould
  • Lifting Function, Safety for mould: alarms on double charging, wrong charging (by standard software), no charging (option)
  • Fast blanking, Hologram Function, Micron Program (useful to improve precision in complex parts), Fast program, Auto-Brake program
  • Ramps of pressure: possibility to set the time to reach the target pressure (the operator decides this time, not the machine according to the metal’s resistance);
  • Worldwide access to the PLC for analytical diagnostics and subsequent modification - update – tailoring – fine-tuning of the software.

The presses can be equipped with safety photocells, control pedal (connecting this accessory to the electric scheme it's possible to change from the two push-button control to the pedal), and consequently make the three working programs: Manual-Test-Automatic.
These machines can be utilised either with manual or automatic feeding of the piece to be worked.


Locatelli Meccanica Srl. has developed a software-driven Tool Security System which has been successfully proved in the watch producing industry.
Functionality and benefits:
A blank in a wrong position may damage the pressing tool of a standard-version pressing machine. The new Tool Security System now reduces that risk: If two work pieces are inserted by mistake, the piston will move down to a fixed security position (e.g. to 99,7 mm relating to a bottom position of e.g. 100 mm) with a low powered security pressure of only 3 bar. If the press now meets resistance because of that piece which is not well positioned so that the pressure increase more than 3 bar during the descent to the security position (e.g. 99,7 mm), the piston will stop, move up and interrupt the program cycle for safety reasons.

Please contact our sales department for more information on the Tool Security System as well as prices and delivery times.


Locatelli Meccanica Srl. developed a successor for the A series press T.35 2C. This machine is called T.35 4C and is now equiped with 4 columns. Moreover, the machine comes with programmable logic control.

Please contact our sales department for more information on this new machine as well as prices and delivery times.

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