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Ceia Power Cube

Generators are available with 2.8 / 3.5 or 6.4 kW.

Power Cube 32/900:

Designed to be connected to:

  • 1-2 heating heads
  • 1-2 activating pedals
  • 1 Master Controller V3+ BASIC or
  • 1 Master Controller V3+ ADVANCED in order to build up
       an automatic or semiautomatic soldering station.

Power Cube 45/900:

Commands and controls:

  • activation of cycle by means of pedal
  • regulation of the heating power 0-99%
  • automatic HF synchronization control

Power Cube 64/900:

Automatic diagnosis system which for example:

  • monitors the temperature and pressure of the cooling water
  • checks the correct dimensions of the inductor
  • signals internal malfunctioning
  • The cases of the heating head are of plastic material with
     high thermal and mechanical resistance

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