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Schüssler S-6050 – Laser-based Brazing

CNC-Laser-Brazing machine with 5-axis for brazing metal spectacle frame fronts. The eye-rims and the components are manually placed and positioned on pallets outside of the machine. The pallets have a model program code which has to be stored in the memory of the machine.

An additional NC axis rotates the brazing wire feeder during the complete cycle into the desired positions.

A further NC axis supplies the precise quantity of brazing wire to each brazing point. The brazing processes are carried out under protective gas (95% Nitrogen / 5% Hydrogen) provided by customer.

Visualization of brazing process via built-in microscope camera. Teach-in programming on machine.

All necessary points of a complete front can be brazed consecutively in one cycle. The number of braze points not limited, but usually 8 points (bridge to eye-rims, upper brace to eye-rims, pad arms to eye-rims, end pieces to rim locks). All applied components have to be very precise. Once the brazing processes are terminated, the pallet will be removed, the finished part has to be released and the components for the next cycle can be positioned - another pallet which is already prepared will be inserted for the next cycle, etc. ... The changeover of brazing fixtures (pallets inside the machine) is carried out automatically. Brazing alloy with diameter 0,3 works fine but we recommend brazing alloy rectangular 0,4x0,2mm. Feeding length of 0.1 - 30 mm.
The vapours of the brazing process can be exhausted towards the top. Please observe your local regulations when selecting the brazing alloys !

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