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Power Cube Family

The Power Cube family is based on modular devices that are compact in size and that are technologically highly advanced. The devices in their various combinations, make up workstations that vary in complexity from a single manual soldering point to multiple automatic points in which operator intervention is limited to the loading of the pieces to be processed.

All the configurations share certain special characteristics:

  • a high soldering yield with minimum running costs and reduced heating times
  • a precise and repetitive control over the soldering parameters, easily programmed for all the phases of the cycle
  • minimum space occupied in terms of the dimensions of the basic thanks to the use of the latest generation of electronic components
  • the modular nature of the system which allows the choice of the configuration best suited to individual needs and the possibility to further enhance it with the addition of devices from the same family
  • Water cooling: pressure: 300 kPa flow: 1,5 - 2 l/min for each head connected



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