25 years Rösler & Haug

A successful partnership for almost three decades

We would like to thank the management and all employees of our long-standing partner Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH for over 25 years of amicable and successful cooperation, which we look forward to continuing in a future-oriented and sustainable manner.

Haug and Rösler represent first-class mass finishing solutions for the surface treatment of spectacle frames and related components thereof.

What is mass finishing?

Mass finishing by Rösler® is a surface finishing process based on chemical-mechanical principles. Abrasive media (chips) and workpieces are brought into relative motion with respect to each other in the processing bowl of vibratory or high-energy machines, whilst water and compound control the required surface finish level. Material removal, grinding pattern and surface roughness depend on the composition and size of the chips, while machine-related factors determine the specific grinding pressure on the workpiece.