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Process Water Recycling Z1000

Saving in resources by using closed-loop systems

Process-Water Recycling with Turbo-Floc® Process (can be used with all centrifugal systems).

Adding small amounts of Rösler flocculation compound, improves the separation efficiency of the centrifuge considerably, when using the Turbo-Floc® system. This is especially true when treating non-ferrous parts and brass.

Rösler centrifuges are the most popular waste water treatment systems in the world.


Technical Data:

Rotation speed:2770 rpm
G-value:2000 (max.)
Max. sludge capacity:28 l
Max. sludge volume:30 kg
Capacity:800 - 3500 l/h
Total installed power:11 kW
Average power consumption:6.5 kW
Collecting tank (size optional):700 / 1000 / 2000 l
Clear water tank (size optional):700 / 100 /
2000 l
Process water cooling system:optional
Automatic top-up-system for water and compound:optional