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Ceia System 900

Thanks to a continuous effort in the research for innovation, the application of new technologies and the use of latest generation electronic components, we present to you a new line of high frequency generators, Power Cube System 900. They were developed by CEIA as a response to the specific requirements and demands of the eyewear industry, among others.

Power Cube System 900:

Designed to be connected to:

  • 1-2 heating heads
  • 1-2 activating pedals
  • 1-2 SLE optical pyrometers
  • 1-2 Anti-oxidizing gas dispenser system
  • Fieldbus interface (Industry 4.0) for connection to automatic systems

Integrated advanced Controller

  • Digital and analogic control of the power
  • 3 programmable control modes
  • Management of two optical sensors to control the temperature
  • Extremely fast closed-loop control algorithm (0.5ms feedback control time) for the most accurate power and temperature regulation
  • Constant and repeatable power generation via microprocessor control
  • Independent programming for each heating head
  • Internal memory with 50 sets of working parameters


  • Cost reduction, when compared to Power Cube 32 + Master Controller Basic
  • Space reduction:1 device only, instead of 1 generator + 1 controller
  • Shipping cost reduction: packing reduces the Master Controller box
  • Continuation of modular system: Choice of 1 or 2 heating heads, incl. accessories
  • Existing Power Cube accessories compatible
  • Power advantage over Power Cube 32
  • Industry 4.0 ready (only with optional fieldbus)

Technical specifications



180 ÷ 260 Vac, monophase - 50/60 Hz



Heating head HH10
Heating head HH15 


(W x D x H) 275 mm x 265 mm x 140 mm
(W x D x H) 62.5 mm x 123 mm x 95 mm - cable length 1.5m
(W x D x H) 52 x mm 75.5 mm x 77 mm - cable length from 1.5m



Heating head HH10
Heating head HH15 


10 kg
1.6 kg
1.3 kg



Working temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity


+5° ÷ +55°C
-25° ÷ +70°C
20-95% (without condensation)

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