Power Cube 45

Just finishing the production of a large serial of PowerCube Generators 45, which are very suitable when heating rather solid frame components and/or particular metals.

Power, and consequently the heat-up time at inductor is substantially faster compared with the standard generator 32.


Thanks to the large quantity being produced, we can offer the PCube 45 at a very competitive price. And , same as PCube 32, they can be connected to MasterControllers, version V3+ with temperature sensors and software for solder wire feeders.

No question;...

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High-Speed Barreling Machine TETRAD

for dry tumbling of metal frames



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Acetate Barreling Machine

Double Barreling Machine

with two horizontal barrels



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Polishing system for small metal components



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System for cooling acetate components after bending operation



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Manual work station for grinding and polishing



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Fully-automatic CNC Lens Cutting Machine.

S-614 is the newly designed and advanced model of the well-known S-611


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Paul Chan Hin Po is now certified CEIA service specialist

Mr. Paul Chan Hin Po, experienced and highly esteemed service professional at Haug Far East, has been certified by our partner CEIA S.p.A. as specialist for the installation, use and maintenance of CEIA's Power Cube family, Master Controller as well as Pyrometer.

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Surface Treatment For 3-D Printed Components Now Available

Surfaces of Spectacle frames and their components, which nowadays are being produced by additive 3D manufacturing, can be processed sucessfully with RÖSLER® technology.

Developments in special formulae and media allows treatment of both plastic and metal workpieces.

Please get in contact with us and we would be happy to schedule a complimentary test for you.

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New Series Spot Welding Machines Credé Type11 available

Machine consisting of:
Power Unit LT-20
Control Unit ST-T11
Welding Press

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Fully-automatic CNC 3D-Eyerim Bending Machine

S-514 is the newly designed and advanced model of the well-known S-504


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There is an increasing demand calling for processing of Base 0-4 on our S-611/S-614 Lens Cutting Machine.


As a result, special supports with diam. 22mm and 27mm have been designed. They are shorter than the standard ones, thus permitting the magazine to move closer to the revolving plate.

We recommend concave clamping pads base 4 for the revolving plate and convex pads base 1 for the motor side.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or a quote.


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